How To Walk In Heels With Flat Feet? Guide For You

Heels With Flat Feet

Anyone can find it difficult to find heels that they can wear all day, but people with flat feet may find it especially difficult. We will all experience discomfort when wearing it for the first time as beginners.

In addition to being more comfortable, wearing shoes with more structure and support is generally healthier, especially for those with flat feet.

The steps for how to walk in heels with flat feet are explained in this article, along with a list of suggested heels. Let’s started!

How To Walk In Heels With Flat Feet?

Naturally, flatfooted individuals find it more difficult to wear high heels, but this does not obligate you to only wear ballet pumps. A wedge, according to Dr. Naomi, would unquestionably be the most beneficial for you because it can keep your foot roughly at the same level, which significantly lessens the discomfort of heels.

Preparation Is Important

Podiatrist Dave Wain of Carnation Footcare advises that being ready is your best line of defense for wearing high heels without experiencing pain. Stock your bag with all the supplies you’ll need if you know you’ll be wearing heels that will eventually cause pain in your feet. He said: “Go prepared – have in your bag some first aid supplies to deal with potential foot problems before they get too painful i.e. sticky plasters for cuts, damaged toenails or bleeding blisters, anti-blister treatments for rubbing areas.” If the heels end up being too much at the end of the night, you could even bring a pair of foldable flat shoes with you.

Foot Exercises Will Help To Ease The Pain

Dave suggested strengthening your feet and toes before a night out in addition to recommending Carnation Footcare’s Gel Cushions. It can be very beneficial to consciously straighten them and move your toes, he said. By taking the following actions, you can improve your foot flexibility and make it easier for your feet to wear heels: Standing about two feet away from the wall, face it. Keep your heel on the ground and place one foot 3/4 inches from the wall. Gently move your knee toward the wall until you feel a small stretch. Repeat five times while holding for 30 seconds, after which you should repeat the process with your other foot.

Get Used To High Heels

To get a feel for your heels before a night out, wear them around the house. You can determine where the shoes might rub by doing this, which is especially useful when breaking in a new pair of stilettos. Before a night out, you could try wearing thick socks with your shoes and blow drying the area where they might rub for 30 seconds to allow the shoe to stretch and expand. Another technique is to place plastic bags in your shoes, fill them with water, and then place them in the freezer. The ice will aid in stretching out the shoes, eliminating those uncomfortable blisters caused by rubbing!

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Suggested High Heels For Flat Feet

1. A Pair Of Chic Pumps With A Kitten Heel

These 1.93-inch low kitten heels are made of leather and suede and have padding to support the forefoot. The brand is well-respected, they have an injected insole, and improved forefoot contouring. “Because Vionic offers their “[three-zone] comfort technology,” which consists of a deep-seated heel cup, arch support, and cushioning, their shoes and insoles are excellent choices.

One helpful review: “The support and comfort of Vionic shoes are excellent. This is my first pair of dressy Vionic pumps, and I’m very pleased with them. It’s the ideal heel height. Invest in your feet and back with these, whether you’re dressing up or down. […] sandals, flats, and slippers were bought. Never a problem.”

2. These Strappy, Chunky Heels

These pointed-toe pumps have a block heel that adds a little height while distributing weight evenly. They have padded latex insoles and are 2.25 inches tall. Although the midfoot is exposed, some people may find that the ankle straps aren’t supportive enough for their flat feet despite the fact that they add some additional stability in addition to being a stylish detail. Although the heels on this model are made of soft nubuck leather, they are also available in suede and faux leather designs.

One helpful review: “High heels are something I detest, but these are so comfy! I wore them to a wedding, the after-wedding bar meet, and the reception! I was able to wear them for over nine hours in total, though the day was already over. The fabric held up even when it started to rain during the day! I’ll undoubtedly purchase more in other colors.”

3. These Mary Janes With A Retro T-strap

These retro-inspired heels have a stable, chunky heel with a 2.75-inch height. The rubber outsoles are shock-resistant and provide excellent traction for maintaining balance. These Mary Janes, which come in faux-leather and suede-like variations, have a rounded toe box for maximum comfort.

One helpful review: “My expectations were surpassed by these shoes. They have a stunning design and are incredibly cozy. Even though I hardly ever do it, I had to for this event. I was actually surprised that I could walk so easily in these shoes because of the chunky heel…] I spent a lot of the previous day standing, so I was prepared for my feet to hurt, but they didn’t. I firmly advise using these.”

4. A Pair Of Low-heel Pumps

These pumps are a great option for flat feet thanks to their chunky, 1.5-inch heel and 0.25-inch platform. The shoes also have a rounded toe box and a cushioned latex insole for comfort. Additionally, they come in a selection of faux suede and faux leather designs and colors, including black, royal blue, red, and beige.

One helpful review: “These shoes completely blew me away!! I didn’t feel the need to remove them and I danced all night while wearing them. Whatever kind of sorcery is contained in these soles—I’m not sure—I wholeheartedly endorse it!”

5. A Pair Of Ankle Booties

The soles of these Dr. Your feet will be cushioned and protected from shock by Scholl’s ankle boots. The slip-on boots also have arch support and a thick, 2-inch heel for all-day comfort. They also have a roomy rounded toe and gore panels for stretch. Styles in faux leather and microsuede are available.

One helpful review: “I’ve never owned a pair of shoes as comfortable or adorable as these! It is ideal for those who require a little extra support and is beneficial for those who spend their entire workday standing.”

6. These Versatile Wedges

Ten colors and designs, including plush nubuck, faux leather, and sparkling glitter, are offered for these slip-on wedges. In addition to supporting you, the wedge heel’s 2-inch height is also comfortable. As a versatile choice, these heels will look stylish with both casual and formal attire.

One helpful review: “Very cozy, easy to walk in, and comfortable for extended periods of standing.”

7. A Classic Pump With A Cushioned Insole

The elevation of these pumps feels more comfortable at 2.76 inches, but if you want a little bit more height, they have a 3.26-inch heel and a.5-inch platform. The footwear has a sturdy outsole, a roomy rounded toe, and insoles made of OrthoLite foam that offer long-lasting cushioning and wick moisture away. There are numerous colors and styles available in this popular pair of leather pumps, which has received more than 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One helpful review: “I almost always wear flats, but I’ve been wanting to dress up more for work, so I was searching for something that was cozy but also adorable! I wore these heels from 8 am until 9 pm because they are not only adorable but also amazingly comfortable. I was so happy with how good my feet felt!”

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Heels For Flat Feet

Regarding the height of the heel, Dr. Sutera explains: “Some people with flat feet tend to find it challenging to wear heels that are higher than 2 inches.” A stable heel design can help, though, if you want to stand taller. Because they provide more stability and distribute weight over a larger surface area than a stiletto or pump, Dr. Sutera advises wearing footwear with a chunky heel, a wedge, or a platform.”

Furthermore, according to Dr. Sutera, “people with flat feet should look for supportive features, such as a deep-seated heel cup, arch support, a sturdy outsole, and a cushioned insole.” Additionally, Dr. Sutera asserts that a roomy toe box will be more comfortable and aid in avoiding problems like blisters and ingrown toenails. Last but not least, you might want to stick with closed-toed footwear because “more open styles, exposing especially the [midfoot], can be very unstable and encourage an unsteady gait, which can lead to sprains, strains, and even trips and falls.”

Truth be told, you’re unlikely to find all of the above features in one shoe, especially if you’re looking for a particular style. Consider your priorities as you browse the best heels for flat feet below — whether they’re a low heel, a supportive shoe with a little more height, a rounded toe, or a padded insole — and you’re sure to find a stylish pair of shoes that will feel and look wonderful.

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